Humboldt Vape Tech Coupon: Get Discount Code on Sai Sequoia

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Humboldt Vape Tech (also known as HVT) is an online place to buy the Sai, Sequoia, Divine Tribe and many other vape unit. If you like vaping concentrates; then you deserve the best coil, vape kit, mods and atomizers. Unfortunately; there are rare retailer available to buy an authentic vape accessories. Do no worry! You are one the perfect place. Now you can order an authentic product of you vape kit without any scam!

Humboldt Vape Tech sai coupon code

Humboldt Vape Tech not only carries their exclusive designed products; but the vape accessories of some other top brands on the market too. It is not another online scam reseller; they are an authorized online retailer of vape gears. Those are the days; when you want to use a big glass setup to try concentrates! Thanks to the Humboldt Vape Tech; now you can try concentrates through the portable setup. You can still use it for medical purpose or for a fun.

Top rated Humboldt Vape Tech Coupons and Codes

15%OFF (Latest Additional!) – Here is a latest working promotion. It is limited time valid; so please act now before it expire. Use a code at the time of placing an order of $75 or more to receive 15% discount. It is not valid for an item under a sale.

SAVE10% or DABLAB – Try any of these codes at your cart to save up to 10% off. It is valid for a regular price items only. Grab it; while you can!

Flash Sale – It is the best time to order a coil, atomizer, kit, mod and other accessories at whopping up to 40% off. You can find few products of Sai, AVS, Voopoo and other brands on a sale.

Free Shipping – Head up and make sure to buy the vapor goodies value $25 or more to enjoy fast and free shipping. It is valid for an domestic US order only.

Is It The Safe Online Vape Retailer?

Based in St Eureka, California; the Humboldt Vape Tech is an online vapor supplier. The company was founded in 2014 by Vic Arvizu. It was all started; when Vic wanted to vape. Unfortunately; at that time in order to vape the concentrates; a vaper needed a a plug-in e-rig or a big glass rig. Vic could not find reliable and portable setup. So; he decided to start his own portable and easy to use setup. After countless hours of research and various prototypes; the Vic designed an atomizer Sai. Today; the HVT features wide range of coils, mods, atomizers and accessories that are perfect fir for your requirements.

The Humboldt Vape Tech is a family owned and operated business with the customers priority in mind. All the atomizers and vape products are proudly made in United States. They carefully design and manufacture vape kit for you safety. If you want easy to use, light weight and safe vape accessories; then this is the brand. They manually inspect all the products for best quality. When it comes to the concentrates vaping; an atomizer is the heart of vape product. Hence; I suggest to buy a quality product only.

Vape Products and Pricing

The Humboldt Vape Tech is best known for their world-class atomizers – a Sai and Sequoia. The Sai is available in four colors and with over 15 coils option. It is fully customizable and fits within a palm. A Sai atomizer is available at the starting price of $34.99 only. The price of a molecular coil is as low as $7.99 only. The Sequoia is a bigger atomizer with a bigger coil. It is best; if you want bigger hits. The Sequoia is available in Titanium and Stainless Steel with variety of coils. The price is as low as $54.95 only.

The Humboldt Vape Tech coupon code is the best way to save up to 20% off on world’s best atomizer. You can stack a promo code with a hvt free shipping deal to save even more here!

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