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Industrial Hemp Farms (short form IHF LLC) is the leading wholesale, hemp farming company of America. If you are looking for 100% pure, industrial grade cannabis; then this is the place. There are not just a retailer or reseller who sell CBD products. Unlike; the IHF LLC involves in every aspect of the hemp industry from hemp farms to the state-of-the-art extraction process. Do you want to order wholesale CBD hemp biomass, seeds or flower? look no further and try this webstore now!

Industrial Hemp Farms (IHF llc) coupon code

Industrial Hemp Farms is the leading B2B hemp farming and wholesale company that focuses on the buy and sales of hemp biomass. The main services of IHF includes; farming to wholesaling, and processing to consulting. The Hemp biomass is nothing but the dried plant matter. You can use it to produce cbd oil, hemp plastics, textiles and many more. The Industrial Hemp Farms is a leader; when it comes to buy or sell hemp biomass. Since they can handle any volume and always deal with best quality flowers.

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Is It Legit and Reliable Place to Buy Hemp Biomass?

Based in Colorado Springs; an Industrial Hemp Farms is specialist in buying and selling the cbd hemp biomass products, clones, flowers and seeds. It was started with the mission to make best deals and connections in the hemp industry. In very short period of time; they have their own extraction lab and hemp grows as well. the first hemp grow was started in 2015, and now IHF LLC is one of the largest raw hemp flower distributor in the United States.

The USP of the Industrial Hemp Farms is their management skill. They are specialist in closing mutually benefited deals for all those who want to buy or sell hemp biomass, flowers and seeds. If you are a hemp farmer who want to sell their cbd biomass; then contact their business team. They put instant deposit on all the crop and try to make quick negotiable deal for you. The entire process is easy, fast and painless for farmers like you. If you are a small company or an individual who want to buy cannabis at wholesale price; then this is probably the best option.

How Does Industrial Hemp Farms Different?

Well, an Industrial Hemp Farms mostly focuses on products and services such as wholesale cbd hemp biomass, flowers, seeds, clones, farm management, CBD extraction, T-free, and CBD consulting. With more than 1000 acres of facilities in 5 states; the IHF is Colorado’s licensed and certified hemp trader. They provide low cost CBD extraction facilities. Whether you want a CO2 extraction or Ethanol extraction; they have got you covered. The company carries industry’s best machinery and equipment to leave no stone ahead.  Most importantly; the Industrial farms follow all the FDA guidelines to provide the best quality products on market.

Products and Pricing

Industrial Hemp Farms carries wide selection of products including; Premium hemp flowers, Cannabinoids, CBD Isolate, Hemp Trim, Tarpenes and CBD Products. You can also buy high quality ferminised hemp seeds, hand shucked cbd biomass, and CBD crude oil as well. Some of the top selling products are Zskittles CBD hemp flower, Grape Ape CBD hemp flower, CBN isolate powder and cbd gummies. It cost anything from $2.75 to $3000 or even more. It all depends on your product quantity.

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