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Clever Botanics is the UK’s leading online store to purchase CBD and hemp products. They carry 100% legal hemp products with THC below 0.2%. While over 85% of online hemp stores are Dropshipper; the Clever is the real store. They never sell products from China and other unauthentic sources. All their items are from within European union only. You can adopt cannabis to stay safe and stay healthy during the stressful situation.

clever botanics review coupon code

Unlike many other stores; the Clever Botanics features only organic and vegan CBD products are organically produced and sourced from UK, and EU market. They believe that sells of the hemp products should be fully transparent, and should come with accurate lab results. Hence the end user knows the actual ingredients of such product. It also helps consumer to find if there is any unwanted or harmful things on such items or not. Unfortunately; most of online retailer never show such things. Fortunately; the Clever Botanics carries only 100% natural CBD items. None the less; it comes with lab test result as well.

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Is It Legit and Safe Place Order CBD in UK?

Based in United Kingdom; the Clever Botanics is an ultimate online destination to purchase authentic CBD products. It was started in March 2019 to bring the organic herb items to the online market of Europe. The company was setup by the duo of sister and and brother – Salar and Sasan. They had very good experience with CBD to treat the Sasan’s lupus and epilepsy.  The positive outcome of CBD encourage Salar to research about cannabis and herb industry.

Unfortunately, she cannot find any reliable source of herb. Hence; she decided to make her own custom cbd products and the result is CleverBotanics. It ensure that you get the 100% pure and best quality hemp accessories at affordable price. None the less; you can always use a coupon code to reduce your total spending here. They believe in keeping all their information transparent, so that the consumer know exactly what is in their product? Unlike many other online store; the Clever Botanics release only small numbers of products that are well researched.

Clever Botanics – The UK’s Best Online Hemp Store

Considering the positive benefits of CBD on our health; almost everybody want to try it. However; it is important to get it from authentic and legit store only. Below are some great advantages of the Clever Botanics:

  • Uses organic hemp flower that contain minimum level of CBD at approx 10%.
  • Clever sources all their hemp collections from only reputed manufacturers such as KannaSwiss, Bhung Group and CBDistillery.
  • Micro-targeted CBD doses available in each bottles and capsules to avoid under and over doses.
  • The platform is built with the mission of transparency. From lab reports to ingredients list; you can find everything before even placing an order.
  • Clever Botanics avoids synthetics and only use natural plant to help you get the result you were looking for.
  • All their items are pure, organic and Non-GMO.

Products and Pricing

At Clever Botanics; they carry wide collection products including hemp flowers, CBD oil, CBD Concentrates, Water Soluable, Edibles, CBD Oral and Cosmetic products. You can also order their products by brand name; KannaSwiss, Balanced Health etc. Some of the most popular items are; Full Spectrum CBD oil, Eden Armorata Organic Oil, KannaSwiss hemp extract, Strawberry CBF Tincture and Water Soluable CBD Drops. It ranges from £19.99 to as much as £159.99. The Shipping price of Clever Botanic is flat rate. They accept international orders as well.

Common FAQs

Below are some common questions and answers for Clever Botanics.

How often does the Clever Botanic release their coupon code?

A Clever Botanic coupon code is available during every single month. In fact; they are pretty active in releasing promotional offers and special deals.

What are the available promotion over there?

Apart from a promo code; there are few more offers available to the customers. It includes B1G1 at penny, Flash Sale, Bulk order, Up to Half price and wholesale deal.

Can we stack multiple deals at a time?

Most of the offers are allowed to stack with Clever Botanic Reward coupons, Penny Sale and bonus points offers. However; you cannot clubbed multiple promo codes within any single transaction.

What is the shipping and return policy of Clever Botanic?

Clever Botanic offers fast and discreet shipping. They use only Eco-friendly packages to deliver their CBD products. There is limited return policy only!

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