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Bio: Norman Lear has enjoyed a long career in television and film, and as a political and social activist and philanthropist. Mr. Lear began his television writing career in 1950 when he and his partner, Ed Simmons, were signed to write for the Ford Star Revue, starring Jack Haley. Concerned about the growing influence of radical religious evangelists, Mr. Lear decided to leave television in 1980 and formed People For the American Way, a non-profit organization designed to speak out for Bill of Rights guarantees and to monitor violations of constitutional freedoms. In 2001, Lyn and Norman Lear created the Declaration of Independence Road Trip, a four-year educational initiative and national multimedia tour of one of the surviving original copies of the eclaration, which they own. As part of the project, Mr. Lear launched Declare Yourself, a nonpartisan youth voter initiative that registered well over 1.2 million new young voters in the 2004 and 2006 elections. The campaign is now working to register every 18-year-old by the 2008 election.
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