Networking: Micah Sifry

Here are the people in Micah's network:

Sheila Krumholz
Washington, Washington D.C.

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David All
Washington, Washington D.C.
Republican, conservative, v...
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Cameron Barrett
Brooklyn, New York

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Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry
French, conservative, activ...
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Dan Ancona
San Francisco, California

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Colin Delany
online politics, online adv...
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Aldon Hynes
Woodbridge, Connecticut

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Ruby Sinreich
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
network-centric, social net...
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Mr. Ross Smith
Winston-Salem, NC, North Carolina
debate, political communica...
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Mr. Brooks Lindsay
, Washington D.C.

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Mr. Sanford Dickert
New York, New York

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Gene Smith
Raleigh, North Carolina
ncho seiu
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Jon Mandell
New York, New York
Confabb, Business, Web 2.0,...
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