Take Back America 2007

Session: Hip Hop Artists and Activists: Politically Empowering a Culture of Resistance
Hip Hop is a culture and art form encompassing music, visual art, dance and the word, born out of the struggle of underserved people of color in America's urban areas. Since its conception over 30 years ago it has exploded to a worldwide phenomenon and a multi-billion dollar industry.

As Hip Hop culture becomes an increasingly important player in circles of activism, politics and more, several concrete questions are driven to the forefront.

What is a Hip Hop activist or Hip Hop politician? How much can an artist change the status quo through music and art alone? Where is the overlap? Hip Hop culture and marketing play a dominant role in the gobal entertainment industry, American politics and local community organizing, but how can young people harness this power to effect social and political change through this art form?

What models and institutions currently exist and how can we further the movement? This panel seeks to explore the overlap between Hip Hop artists and activists, identify how Hip Hop can bring out the vote in 2008 and beyond, engage young Americans disenchanted with the political process, and explore how Hip Hop can reinvent the anti-war movement.

Session Details
Speakers: Lauren Harkrader
J.Period, DJ
D Labrie, Hip Hop Congress
Jay Woodson, NHHPC
Grime, Hip Hop Artist
Davey D, DJ, Hip Hop Journalist
Cherryl Aldave, Moderator
Billy Wimsatt, League of Independent Voters

Date: Tuesday, June 19, 2007
4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
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Track: Self-Organizing Session
Location: Room 2
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