Take Back America 2007

Session: Creating a National Popular Vote for President: Organizing Insurrection in "Spectator States"
Maryland State Senator Jamin Raskin and Ryan O'Donnell of FairVote will discuss the exciting campaign for a National Popular Vote, which was just passed into law in the state of Maryland and has passed 11 state legislative bodies, including both houses in California, Hawaii and Illinois. The plan is to create an interstate compact of states comprising 270 in the electoral college that will commit to cast their electors in presidential elections for the winner of the national popular election. This plan, which has been endorsed by the New York Times, would prevent nightmarish election scenarios like the 2000 election when the national popular vote loser (George Bush by more than a half-million votes) was able to win based on manipulation of the vote in Florida and partisan intervention by the Supreme Court. It would also reenergize presidential politics in the two-thirds of states which are now safely red or blue and are thus fly-over territory in presidential elections. This grassroots movement and strategy could revitalize democratic politics in America and make every vote count. Come hear more about the National Popular Vote plan from the State Senator (and constitutional law professor) who introduced it in Maryland as well as speakers from FairVote, America's leading electoral reform group. You will find out what is happening in your state and how you can help overthrow the reactionary dynamics of the electoral college, an institution steeped in the history of slavery and political white supremacy.

Session Details
Speakers: Jamin Raskin

Date: Monday, June 18, 2007
5:15 PM - 6:15 PM
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Track: Self-Organizing Session
Location: Room 1
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