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Will Castleberry - AOL

Voters lie - makes advertising research tough in other mediums. Harder to lie online because readers are clicking on what they are interested.

The online audience is maturing

Michael Bassik - Michael Bassik is Vice President of Interactive Marketing at MSHC Partners, the nation's leading voter contact firm for progressive candidates and causes. Michael was recently named a “Top 50 Politico to Watch” by The Politico and received the first-ever joint award for Excellence in Digital Media from Yahoo! and the American Association of Political Consultants. Website:

More people have logged on for Election news in 2008 ALREADY than in all of 2004 combined.

Almost a billion dollars has been raised this primary season!

HUGE budgets - HUGE amounts being spent on advertising. Yes in print as well, but online news is BY FAR the fastest growing.

The most room for growth as well.

An average of 9% of advertising budgets are online this year (corporations).

Political campaigns will spend 0.4% of their budgets on online advertising!

Most money will be going to direct response towards the end of the campaign.

POTUS campaigns are going to be extremely important to online advertising

The National and State Parties will be spending a great amount as well in advertising depending on the role they are going to play which remains to be seen

85% of those who clicked through Kerry ads in 2004 and donated had never donated before. WOW!

Right after the 3rd POTUS debate, they did some online research for Kerry to gauge advertising effectiveness.

After the debates, Kerry campaign pushed their supporters to online polls and it was very effective

Exposure to fundraising ads actually increased Kerry's favorables...interesting

In HRC campaign, there were a lot of ideas taken from the Kerry campaign.

Again, in 2008 like 2004, 85% of donors who clicked through ads had never donated before

HRC campaign also found that 30?% of those who donated via click-through ads, donated at least 2 more times!

There are still problems with advertising network sites (Romney advertising on

Political campaigns are inconsistent on advertising reseeacrh because they are short lived.

Publishers also make it very very hard for campaigns to advertise on sites (what does that mean for my site?)

Campaigns expect "internet consultants" to be experts in every field online (fundraising, web site development, emails, press, ad buys, etc...)

Publishers need a bigger budget for research. Potential advertisers want to see hard numbers and if you don't have them, your potential advertisers won't buy.

Scalability is also important - our industry would be much further along, if there was one place to do video and one place for advertising placement. For potential advertisers, the internet is unbelievably confusing and we need to make things simpler

There is standardization in print, radio and TV, BUT NOT THE INTERNET. The solution to the problem with advertising on the internet, according to Michael, is standardizing the advertising buying and selling process.

This standardization is possible. It can be done through political consultants and avenues for political advertising.

Everything in campaigns is outsourced (mail, tv) and all internet is outsourced to one internet guy - this is a problem though because internet tech guys know little about the marketing side of political advertising.

It is so easy to create print ads - NOT WEB ADS

Clients want to see hour by hour stats on website ads

Katie Harbath - Dir. Digital Media at DSI Group. Formerly Deputy E-Director for Rudy Giuliani for President. Graduate from University of Wisconsin

Banner advertising is not short-term

For Giuliani campaign, a lot of money spent on search. they had EVERY MISSPELLING POSSIBLE KEYWORDED (war on terror, energy, 9/11)

Whatever Giuliani's push was for the week (12 commitments), the banner ads would link to a donation page on the site.

All ads link to donation pages!!!

If you want to get people riled up to call their congressman, etc. paid email lists are a great way to go

People are opting into these lists so they are more receptive to the emails

Right after people sign up for email alerts, they are more willing to donate money at that time

In Google, you can now draw a map around where you want your advertising to show up online

A lot of candidates say, "Show me an election where a candidate won because of the internet."

Politics is usually 10 years behind in technology.

The political advertising industry on the internet can not be regulated

Josh - SPHERE - uses search results to better advertise in blogs

SPHERE began as a blog search engine.

Developed a widget (on 60,000 sites today) that shows related content for your search term on the web

As political season exploded a year ago, many political sites wanted to partner with SPHERE (Real Clear Politics, CNN)

RCP and CNN wanted their readers to be able to link to other sites that shared their political views

In their related content module, while in the Wall Street Journal for example, 3 stories would pop-up that was related and would link to other sites (essentially an advertisement)

This is the most engaged a reader can be

Obama from January to May spent way more percentage wise than any other campaign on the web



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