Content Convergence & Integration 2008

Session: Defining and Developing an Information Strategy
In this workshop, Bob will help you begin (or continue) to develop an information strategy. Using your own or an imagined organization as a starting place, you will develop statements about what information could or should do for you.

You will decide exactly what gains information management can bring to your organization. We will look at:
• What information has to do with the goals of your organization.
• How to decide what people (audiences) you want to serve information to.
• What types of information you need to give to your audiences to help you meet your goals.
• How to create Strategy Statements which concisely state what content should do for your organization.

At the end of this workshop, you will have a start on a strategy. You will know how to meet at least one organizational goal by delivering information to one sort of person. From there you can continue to build out your strategy statements and decide what systems are needed to implement them.
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Speakers: Bob Boiko
5.0 stars

Date: Thursday, March 13, 2008
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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Rating: 5.0 stars
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Track: Management
Location: Pavilion Ballroom C
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By: Claudia Wunder
on Mar 16 2008
at 09:55 PM EDT
Elevating the Information Guy
This was an excellent workshop delivered by a true educator.

In answer to the question "What's the point of information?", Bob stressed the role of information to influence the actions of others. He then focussed the workshop on helping those who would be seen as the 'information guy' craft a strategy statement to influence their superiors... to lead with information.

This was a true workshop. We each rolled up our sleeves and worked through an exercise, creating a goals taxonomy for our organization and then using one of the goals to write a strategy statement in the form: By delivering <information> to <audience> we will be able to <goal> because <reason>.

Bob worked with two volunteers in the room, polishing their statements and demonstrating to the rest of us how to make our own strategy statements stronger.
By: Joe Gollner
on Mar 15 2008
at 05:24 PM EDT
A Rare Learning Opportunity
This conference brought together many different perspectives on the questions surround what Rahel Bailie recently called "the age of content".

The two perspectives that Bob Boiko brought to the cognitive party were a) a deeply thought out understanding of the content management space and b) the superlative skills of a real educator. I would probably add that we could include a third perspective, that of the passionate advocate for those of us in the "business of content" to mobilize and make a better contribution to our organizations.

The sheer volume and substance of the material Bob shared with the attendees is difficult to describe. It spawned a series of evening discussions which is one of those intangible measures of value that count for a lot.

It should be noted that this short workshop shared many of these qualities with Bob's tome "the Content Management Bible" which stands as the only credible reference resource that practitioners have at this time. Especially notable with this book is the fact that underneath the surface one can sense that the author really understands the subject. This stands in stark contrast to most business and technology books, typically written by those of a more "journalistic turn", where a closer inspection usually turns up very little.

Five stars does not do Bob justice.
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