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Session: Politics is Flat II: TWhat Happens When We All Have A Dog's Hearing?
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Speakers: Thomas Friedman
5.0 stars

Date: Friday, May 18, 2007
10:55 AM - 11:25 AM
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Rating: 3.0 stars
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Location: Schimmel Hall
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By: Jill Walker
on May 19 2007
at 11:32 AM EDT
Not new, but amusing I guess
The book reading was amusing, but I can't imagine anything he said was new to this audience - it didn't really seem quite worth coming this far for. Dave Winer's points (in his blog) were interesting:
By: Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry
on May 19 2007
at 11:25 AM EDT
It was good!
I thought it was good. Yes, it was a book reading, but it was reading from a GOOD book, with very interesting points.

I enjoyed it and learned from it, that's what matters to me.
By: Ruby Sinreich
on May 18 2007
at 09:55 PM EDT
PDF merits a unique presentation, not a book reading.
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