Take Aways from the conversations at the Mobile Cafe:

  • Make common ground — lots of small projects that should start sharing
  • Mobile bill of rights — that all countries should adhere to
  • Mobile voice — voice mail and the importance of oral culture — where does this fit in and who is working on this?
  • Who pays for services/pricing schemes — to move projects to scale
  • Why should operators care for the social sector?
  • Access and penetration and coverage are the key issues for our table — the need for common regulation/networks and operators on board
  • Funding of technology — could there be collaboration between NGOs and funders? How about the role of tech companies in this space?
  • Open platforms and open standards and open content — Open Mobile, Open Rosa and sharing content
  • Very different perspectives and a continuum of needs of groups — is there too much emphasis on higher end solutions? How about the bottom billion?
  • We need to be able to coordinate and communicate 365
  • Sustainability — we are trying to put a lot of pilots into place but scaling is hard
  • We need to start thinking about repurposing the apps across sectors — are there examples and models? What is sustainable innovation that take that into consideration as well as local ingenuity?
  • We do need a social advocacy group of some sort that advocates for the needs of the social sector with operators to affect regulation and cost issues



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Scott Pasquali, Conference Organizer

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