Session: Self-Organized: Introduction to OpenROSA
The OpenROSA ( consortium is a new group that has been working to form open source standards-based tools for mobile data collection aggregation analysis and reporting. To date, OpenROSA has held three meetings and a growing number of involved organizations. Five of the member organizations have already contributed to the development of JavaROSA, an open source J2ME application that can run on mobile phones to collect data for questionnaires and surveys with a focus on supporting longitudinal data collection such as following up on patients with records in a electronic medical record system. (Java Rosa is in the SIMlab)

OpenROSA places a strong emphasis on interoperability of systems and several mobile data collection software systems that were build to use specific PDA platforms have to been adapted to use the JavaROSA software so that data can be collected on phones as well.

This session is designed for people with no prior knowledge of OpenROSA. We'll introduce the community, where it is going, and report briefly on some of our initial implementation experiences in Uganda, Tanzania, and South Africa. The session will include demonstrations, Q&A, and group discussions. We will welcome guidance from the Mobile Active community on how best to grow OpenROSA and take it from here.
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Speakers: Neal Lesh

Date: Tuesday, October 14, 2008
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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Track: Self Organized/Open Space
Location: TBD
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