CM Pros Fall 2006 Summit: Content Management and the World Enterprise

Session: Content Management and the World Enterprise
As companies move to their second- and third-generation content management solution (CMS) implementations, many have realized that they are not getting as much value from their structured data, documents, and web content (collectively, "content") that they should receive. Today as typical enterprise content scenario is symptomatic of digitized information management in general; that much of the content has greater unrealized value elsewhere in the enterprise.

Planners are interested in leveraging these content assets to increase sales, lower costs, better serve customers, and enter new markets domestically and internationally. For large enterprises, this means distributing information across the company; tailoring it to the needs of different audience segments like employees, prospects, customers, and business partners; and for international firms, tuning this content to audiences that don at speak the company as home-country language.

Unfortunately, most analysts and consultants who follow data, content, and knowledge management focus on the "plumbing" that is, the creation, storage, editing workflow, and simple delivery of content to paper or screens - rather than on how these software systems transform managed assets into business advantage. When vendors discuss where content is viewed, they emphasize the importance of separating storage from presentation, but they characterize anything more than simple hardcopy or web display as another sales opportunity - e.g., "buy our deployment server" or outside their bailiwick - e.g., globalization.

In this presentation, DePalma contends that the plumbing is something that most CMS vendors can do well, but that the transformation of assets from one form to another is where the real value of enterprise content management (ECM) solutions will manifest itself. "Transformation" means the conversions that are required to make content truly usable and accessible in forms other than how it was originally stored. These transformations range from simple device changes to operational modifications to targeted marketing variants to fully globalized versions - and a combination of all of them.
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Speakers: Don DePalma
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Date: Monday, November 27, 2006
9:00 AM - 9:45 AM
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Track: Keynote
Location: Daniel Webster
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By: Scott Abel
on Dec 05 2006
at 11:02 AM GMT
Don DePalma Demystifies Globalization
Don DePalma of Common Sense Advisory helped make sense of the move toward globalization in the content management space. His friendly and knowledgeable style makes him an excellent speaker.
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