CM Pros Fall 2006 Summit: Content Management and the World Enterprise

Session: Translation - Cost vs. User Experience
Translating content is expensive, but ensuring a good user experience is critical to the success of your website and what makes a site more usable than being able to read in your native language? This round-table discussion will start by reviewing some of the different techniques companies are using on the web to balance the costs of translation with the need to localize their user experience. The moderator will critique and a few high profile sites and then facilitate a discussion around such topics as:

* Is it ok to translate just my navigation, but not my content?
* Should I show translate only high-volume pages and show other pages in my local language to save money?
* Should search results display pages that are just in the selected languages or all pages that relate to the topic?
* What should I do if a users browser has a specific default language selected?
* Should a wait until my content is translated to post any version of the content or get the local version up right away?
* What are the Pros and Cons to automated translation applications?
* Is there a hybrid model that can be successful?
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Speakers: Bryant Shea

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Date: Monday, November 27, 2006
1:30 PM - 2:45 AM
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Track: Roundtable
Location: Adams
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