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Joe Gollner steps in as Day 1 plenary speaker

Mar 11, 2008 at 08:40 AM by Rahel Anne Bailie

We (Liz Danzico and I) tried every content convergence trick in the book yesterday, but couldn't fix the inefficiencies in the Homeland Security travel program that require her to have her passport on her person while here. And as much as we'd love to keep Liz Danzico captive in Canada forever, she couldn't risk not being let back into her country of birth, so had to return directly to New York from Austin, rather than via Vancouver.

We are very lucky to have Joe Gollner has agreed to fill Liz' shoes - and Joe is lucky that Liz wears flats! Seriously, though, after a long talk with Joe, and knowing that Joe and Liz were having equally long discussions about the topic of the morphing nature of content in a framework age, we're very fortunate to have Joe take over the opening session.

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