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You're In The Majority! Now What?

Jun 13, 2007 at 08:44 AM by Bill Scher

Today, Campaign for America's Future and Media Matters for America released a new report, "The Progressive Majority: Why a Conservative America is a Myth."

Co-author Eric Lotke laid out the findings in this piece, and over on the Campaign for America's Future blog, Isaiah J. Poole writes:

The report is a tool that progressives can use to make their case that leaders in Congress can pursue bold policies with the knowledge that if they do so smartly and unapologetically, they have the wind at their backs. The question is how do we take this knowledge and translate it into legislative victories?

That's exactly the mission for all of us attending Take Back America next week: turning last year's historic election wins into concrete change.

What do you think needs to be done to make that happen?

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The big thing that needs done is identifying our voters and GOTV. The nuts and bolts involve precinct and county level activism. An important tool is the Democratic Party's Voter Activation Network database.

Posted by John Lozier at 07:23 PM on Jun 14, 2007

Campaign Begins to Stop Congress’ Brazen Violation of the Constitution

In letters to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid the newly formed national organization Friends of the Article V Convention declared its challenge to Congress. “The time has come to stop playing games with the U.S. Constitution and respect the rights of Americans,” said FOAVC founder and National Press Secretary Joel S. Hirschhorn, a former senior congressional staffer.

FOAVC told Pelosi and Reid that Congress has a legal obligation to call a convention and that it is initiating a national campaign to build public pressure on Congress for a convention. "The one and only requirement specified in Article V for a convention is that two-thirds of state legislatures apply for a convention. With over 500 applications from all 50 states on record with the Congress that sole requirement has been more than met. Congress has never passed any law to expand or further specify requirements for an Article V convention, meaning the language in Article V prevails,” said FOAVC.

“Congress has cheated Americans by not obeying Article V of the Constitution. Members of Congress are violating their oath of office to faithfully obey the Constitution,” said Hirschhorn, “and we must hold them accountable.”

“Members of Congress seem more effective as lawbreakers than lawmakers,” added California congressional candidate Byron De Lear and an FOAVC founder. “If Congress can silently and unilaterally ignore or veto one part of the Constitution, then it can disobey any part of it,” said De Lear.

Thomas E. Brennan, former Chief Justice, State of Michigan, and an FOAVC founder has said publicly that a convention “is necessary, desirable, and feasible.” The convention option “is to be taken seriously…it is not a joke, nor an illusion. It would bring a new, responsible dimension to American politics,” said Brennan.

“Operating outside the control of the federal government convention delegates could, like members of Congress, consider any constitutional amendments they deem necessary to address unresolved national problems – and that’s what frightens politicians,” noted Hirschhorn.

De Lear said, “Congress can’t have it both ways. Give Americans its first Article V convention or propose a constitutional amendment to remove the convention option.” FOAVC reminded Pelosi and Reid that Abraham Lincoln and Dwight D. Eisenhower supported use of the convention option. “Sadly, no current Democratic or Republican presidential candidate has done likewise, especially mavericks like Dennis Kucinich, Mike Gravel and ‘champion of the Constitution’ Ron Paul,” noted De Lear.

The non-partisan FOAVC at urges Americans and state legislatures to demand that Congress obey the Constitution, respect states’ rights, and announce the first Article V convention. FOAVC does not support any specific constitutional amendment, though it invites groups advocating specific reforms that might be achieved through amendments to become Affiliate Members.

Posted by Dr. Joel Hirschhorn at 10:37 AM on Jun 15, 2007

To be honest, I'm not real enthused about either party's leadership.

I haven't seen anything resembling a platform for the past 20 years.

Regardless of the people behind it the future of a successful population will be involved in something similar to the following:

Plank 1/ Why CAN"T I sell CLEAN ENERGY to my neighbor (for $.05 / KWH)?

Isn't the local utility just an ISP, that both you (the content supplier) and your neighbor (the content customer) pay to for the right of connection?

If you can show (on an annual inspection) that the energy you generate (on a small farm say) is clean, (or actually -removes- carbon from the atmosphere, with today's technology for phase regulation, then the only price regulation concerning the local utility should be the size of the transformer and wire coming into your source required to feed your electricity to the grid, and your connection fee adjusted accordingly.

I should (as a consumer) be able to go to a web site and purchase -clean- energy futures for any rate that someone (within a local area) wants to sell it to me for.

Or is this concept so "radical" that no politician want to touch it with a ten foot pole? Just what is really going on here?

Plank 2/ We need a "energy homestead act"; A low interest loan (as potentially a social security buyout) to establish self supportive residences that will generate more (clean) energy than they require, enough so that the loan is automatically paid back for said energy sale, with enough left over to provide for food and medical. With this concept post (about not requiring a credit rating or bank that charges you $300,000 -over thirty years- for a place to live, that kills the planet), I would also like to refresh this classic chestnut that nobody seems to want to support either(?):(See also plank 1).

Plank 3/ We need to globalize this concept. I would suggest a "Vista Draft" type program for anyone that wants citizenship. If after two years of training on the above concepts, and working to rebuild the country's infrastructure, the person still wants to become a citizen, they can be a benefit to the country, not a hindrance. However, with this structured correctly they would probably be able to have a better life in the country of origin.

Plank 4/ Terra formation; In WW 2, the nation devoted a large portion of the circulated money into building machinery and sending it (and the "accessories") overseas, -free of cost to the involved countries-.

As a result, the US economy expanded to be quite healthy, with great circulation of money in the entire population (of what you would expect for the conditions).

What if we (in the US in particular) did that again, with energy equipment (like the one above, in a loan program (like that above) with the excuse of "terra formation" to "fix the planet"? What kind of response would that get for us, to prove we can improve our living conditions so substantially, by helping the others on the planet, that any terrorist involvement can never find support again?

Plank 5/ Better get off you collective "Back" and do your freaking job for change. We need to develop orbital capacity for the future energy demands we will face, and the talent pool required to maintain it will have to be from a world wide involvement.The face of war is changing and you better keep up. We (as a society) have a tendency to build bigger political battleships, in an era of increasing air power.

Ya know (uncle) Sam, if your dog is telling you to do THAT kind of cr*p, ... it's time to get a new dog.

Posted by Kevin Espeseth at 02:59 PM on Jun 18, 2007
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